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  • Welcome to Oxide Network!

    Right now we offer a Discord server, a FTB Beyond server, a Project Ozone 2 server, and a Conan Exiles server.

    FTB Beyond: beyond.oxidenetwork.com 
    Version:  1.8.1

    Project Ozone 2: ozone2.oxidenetwork.com
    Version:  2.3.0

    Conan Exiles: conan.oxidenetwork.com

    Join our Discord Server!

  • Announcing Our New Project Ozone Server and T-Shirts


    We are excited to announce our new server for Project Ozone! Project Ozone is a skyblock modpack through Curse that allows players to progress through quests alone or with their friends. Just search Project Ozone on the Curse Voice Launcher and join our server at oxide.ozonenetwork.com to join the experience.  For more information see this forum post.

    Additionally, we are announcing our new line of Oxide Network T-Shirts! These high quality shirts feature an impressive lion design and very fine, soft cotton feel.  They are now available for purchase in our store:  

    We look forward to hearing the community's feedback about both of these releases.  Stay tuned for more T-Shirts in the near future.

    -- Oxide Network Management Team

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