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    If you're a fan of Oxide Network and you wish to support us, please consider using one/some of the links below. Some can be used once, others can be used multiple times. When you use these links it shows that Oxide Network is referring business to these companies and in return we get the resources we need from them to keep doing our jobs and bringing you the best content we can! Thank you for supporting Oxide Network.

    Direct Support


    We have a way for anyone to become an Oxide Network Contributor. By being a contributor you are helping us cover the daily expenses that go into providing services and developing content :)

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    If you are a fan of Oxide Network and are short on cash (student or anything else) you can still support us without donating or becoming a contributor in the store.  One of the best ways you can help us is by using our Amazon Link anytime you shop. 


    United States | Canada | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Spain | More coming soon!

    Amazon.com has an amazing affiliate program. If you shop there, please change your Amazon bookmark to our affiliate link (just use the links above). Anything you buy in the next hour after navigating to the site with that affiliate code will give Oxide Network a commission that ranges from 4% to 8% or even more!


    There is nothing worse than losing a game save due to file corruption, OS crashes, or lost laptops. We have a very comprehensive backup policy at Oxide Network. All game servers are backed up hourly offsite. We personally use Backblaze to backup all our personal files. 


    Click this link to download Backblaze now and start your free trial!

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