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    • sahaka

      Discounts Extended!   12/30/2017

      In the spirit of the holiday season we have extended the coupon throughout all of January! Checkout our previous announcement to learn more:     
  • Server Information

    Below you'll find the details on all of our servers. Just find one you like and join us!
    For information on how to install a minecraft modpack, just click on the name.

    Modpack Server URL Version
    All the Mods 3 atm3.oxidenetwork.com v5.7
    Project Ozone 2 (Titan) ozone.oxidenetwork.com v2.4.0
    Project Ozone 2 (Kappa)
    (Subs only)
    kappa.oxidenetwork.com v2.4.0
    Name Server URL Version
    Conan Exiles conan.oxidenetwork.com -

    Feel free to join our Discord server too, We're sure you'll enjoy our community!
    Discord Server