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  1. Island Problems

    Hey there, sorry for the late reply, your items are in a chest on your island above the area of your off island grave. It is better to make a support ticket for these issues as it will be seen and dealt with quicker :)
  2. Entitie spam in the nether

    I have dealt with this issue.
  3. Random Tp

    I am not able to explain why or how you was teleported to a way point as you should not have access to do so, but i can help get your items back. if you message me when your available i would be happy to help.
  4. Base Keeps Getting Destroyed

    Issue Resolved.
  5. Community Gaming Event

    I do agree with the Factorio. i've been looking for an excuse to actually go back and play that game. As for the race maps, i've not really played any of them. I'm open for most things you throw this way though.