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  1. Welcome folks! We at the "Tool Yard" are proud to present you our current stock of Tools! Including: Pickaxes made of Cobble, Iron, Gold and Diamond! As well as, Axes... Shovels... And of course Hoe's ! All these wonderful cheap products can be found at the first floor! At the second floor we got some more interesting stuff.... Hopper's! Anvils! Clocks and Compasses ! of course for an very reasonable price We buy iron as well! Best greetings from your "Tool Yard" team. We hope to see you soon!
  2. Factorio looks very fun! and ofcourse i would participate ^^
  3. Since the server is down due a bug, i've gained some time to update this thread^^ so.. we made incredible progress since the last thread update. our A.E system has been setup and functioning very well with auto crafting, but storage was somehow a little complicated with drives.. so i decided to create a large (Storage Drawers) "Cube" since these drawers are easy to make, i've build a little woodfarm and autocrafter to produce lots lots and lots of drawers. in order to gain the max out of the cube i had to know what the max measures were of the storage drawer controller Max Search range : 12 blocks to each side (Up, Down, Left, Right, Front, Back) then i started creating the cube with the help of trims i could place more drawers Within the cube to gain even more space ^^ once the cube was completed i added some controller slaves behind the controller. this was very usefull to add enderIO and several other busses on it. autocrafting has been very helpfull for several things but it really helped with creating storage drives. but then we felt the loss of lots of item needed for the drives, at this moment we only had 1 road in mind: Energy Condenser. since we had all the resources for it we immediatly started crafting the condenser in the dire crafting table. and to be honest the dire crafting table is so damn hard to use since a recipe fault is easily made in such a large grid. once we had the condenser in our hand.. we didnt even know what we were doing with it we condensed so many things that we totally forgot the drives :P after all the happiness we decided to build a new "town" on a dirt platform. and this is were we are now.
  4. Hey folks i am about to show you why, how and when we builded the MM Tower at some day deep in ozone my engineer("bastionhero") and i were sitting on a block watching our first ME system in the server and our production site... and suddenly my engineer came with the great idea to build a massive tower wich should be *blast resistant* and had some space for some more production. thats the moment when the build of the tower started! we did not really know where to start building the massive tower but we made a ((((little)))) platform wich allocated the size of the tower. using Wither proof blocks and Wither proof glass we began building the tower, the walls became of wither proof glass and all the floors were made of double layers of wither proof blocks. the size of the tower was 20x21 and the height is 100. we gave the tower 14 floors wich separated all the productions. Floor 1 : Power Floor ( Includes Giant capacitator banks ) Floor 2 : ME Brain ( this floor contains the Large ME Controller and all the storages ) Floor 3 : Assembly Room ( This floor Contains all the Mol. Assemblers. and EMC. Assemblers) Floor 4 : Computer Room ( This floor contains one of the Largest Crafting Computers ingame ) Floor 5 : Import/Export Room ( This floor contains all the Tesseracts wich does import and export all the items from the system and into the system ) . . . . . . . . . . Finnaly we came to floor 13 ^^ Floor 13 : Machine Room ( This floor contains almost all the machines we got ) Floor 14 : Master Control Bunker ( at this floor we could manage, test and monitor everything in the tower) the Build of the tower took 1 Day... only the walls, Floors and some Cables ( RF,ME ) Till now we are still building up the floors and managing productions... Here are some pics ^^
  5. Hey everyone my name is Hurde... I am playing mostly of the times, Project Ozone. I chose for this game because its has a nice gameplay and a massive tech mod pack inside it... I play this pack whenever i am able to but because of my job could i be AFK for more then 2 weeks... but on the other side... am i free for 2 weeks as well so that means i can play ozone almost all day long... So when you see me say hi ^^ How about you guys ? What do you play ? And why ? Best greetings, Hurde
  6. Ozone 2 looks very promising ^^
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