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  1. Name

    On the top right you can click your user dropdown link and under Account Settings you will find a section to change your Display Name. If this doesn't work of it you need more help just reply to this.
  2. Do Emojis work?

    Changed Status to Fixed
  3. Suggestion Computercraft Code Access

    We have that same frustration so we use the Pastebin feature: http://computercraft.info/wiki/Pastebin_(program) Then we use this to test things without having to launch the game: https://gravlann.github.io/
  4. End Portal by Pred

    Wow! This build is amazing. You took a simple 5x5 End Portal and gave it an awesome immersive atmosphere.
  5. Do Emojis work?

  6. Do Emojis work?

  7. Do Emojis work?

    Changed Status to Pending
  8. Do Emojis work?

    Changed Status to Fixed
  9. Do Emojis work?

  10. World anchors turning into obsidian?

    There was a problem with railcraft yesterday that required us to remove all world anchors. That should be why they all turned to obsidian. New world anchors should not turn into obsidian still though. If you still have that problem when you log back in today then we will investigate the issue further.
  11. A plugin for chat channels

    After we finish with the server update I will look into local chat. I've personally used a bunch of chat plugins out there so I understand the power of them all. The one thing I will definitely look to add is the local chat so that those far away don't get everyones messages all the time.
  12. Bug

    Changed Status to Closed
  13. Bug

    Unfortunately it can take quite a while to restart sometimes. If its down for more thant 15 minutes then I would be more concerned.
  14. im crashing cause of mystcraft

    Sorry for the terrible response time on this. There are only a few people that currently have the access to fix this and all of them have been away on personal emergencies. I have since relocated your player to spawn.
  15. Crash when I join the server in a myst

    Ah I originally was moving orteon back to spawn. I didn't realize you have another account and that was the one that was crashing. Try now.