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    There are a few items that are banned. And the only reason we did that is server stability and player experience or if it could be used to duplicate items. In Project Ozone 2 a few items are banned by default. Mostly items from the Aether like the LuckyBell. Sacred Rubber Sapling and Mega Rubber Sapling are banned We banned the Erebus keystone, so you can't go the Erebus dimension. The Erebus is very unstable and makes the server crash very easily. That's we banned the Erebus. For the items that are coming from the Erebus, we created special quests in the quest book. Then there is Venus. While it is impossible to disable Venus, it is also a place to avoid at all cost. The terrain generation makes the server crash very easily, so we made special quest in the book for you to progress. Please look in the book before going to Venus. Other items: Extra Utilities Filing Cabinets and Advanced Filing Cabinets Universal Cables of all tiers from Mekanism Basic Fluid Tank Project Bench Ender Collector Fancy Workbench ProjectRed Exploration Backpacks /dev/null Tome of Alkahestry Liquid Pink Slime Dimlet Routed Firewall pipe DefenseTech all of: Explosives Missiles Grenades Minecarts MFR Fishing Rod MFR SPAMR Rocket Launcher + Rockets ME Fluid Interface
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