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    If OxideNetwork were to host an official community multiplayer game session, would: a. You participate? b. You have a game suggestion? If would probably last a few hours - it depends on who joins and what we do. Following are some examples of games we could play, just so people have an idea about what we're thinking of: Race For The Wool Viscera Cleanup Detail Garry's Mod Worms Team Fortress 2 Please, tell us what you think, if you would participate, and if you have any suggestions or preferences towards games.
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    I do agree with the Factorio. i've been looking for an excuse to actually go back and play that game. As for the race maps, i've not really played any of them. I'm open for most things you throw this way though.
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    Factorio is fun, but I feel like it'd far outlast the actual event. However, I'd love to play Factorio multiplayer on Oxide Network! I've never played a race map before — because I never had enough people to play with — but that sounds like a lot of fun!
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    Additions? Factorio, Team Fortress 2