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Kicked off server and unable to open inventory

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Sooo, i went to check the recipe for the ender-thermic pump. Upon typing "Ender" into NEI, i was promptly booted from the server with the generic "A Fatal Error Has Occurred, This Connection Is Terminated".

I can no longer open my inventory, because im kicked off the server the split second i press my inventory key.

My client log is pastebinned here: http://pastebin.com/9gyD1Z2Y

And since pastebin wont let me put it all in, here's the full file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/34643306/latest.log

Its 27MB so it might take a minute to load. It completely locked my computer up due to spamming the log with the same error.


Hope this can be sorted soon, as its rendered the game unplayable for me :D


Thanks in advance, 


Sorry for double posting, i cant find the edit button :D

Did a little bit of research, appears to be Ender Storage causing the problem.

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Sorry for the delayed response but I just wanted to inform you that we are looking into it and will keep you posted as soon as we figure something out. Providing us with those files is very helpful though. 

Just to add for you and other players, you can subscribe to our status site to monitor any incidents that we have. Oxide Netowrk Status  
I will generally only update the status site with bigger developments. But I will always post all updates big and small to this thread. 

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We have applied a version of Cauldron from March and it seems to be doing fine. We are keeping watch incase something does come up. 

As of right now it seems that this has been resolved. Thanks for everyone's help and patience throughout this issue. 

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