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All the Mods 3 is now released for everyone!

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Hi all,

It's been a few weeks since we have had the All the Mods 3 Minecraft server available for gold members as early-access.
We're happy to announce that we have finished the majority of the work and are ready to release the server for everyone to join!

If you happen to find any errors or problems on the server, please create a ticket at: https://oxidenetwork.com/support/.

To join this server, open the Twitch Launcher (formerly Curse Launcher), and search for the "All the mods 3" modpack.
The server URL is: atm3.oxidenetwork.com

Don't forget to open the Twitch Launcher settings, and allocate at least 4GB of memory for minecraft.
Additionally, when Minecraft has loaded, make sure to set the FPS limit to 60, due to certain issues that may arise at faster framerates. This is unfortunately not something we can fix.

Having timeout issues upon connecting? Read this guide: 

We hope to see you soon! Enjoy!

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