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Invalid Session Trick with ReAuth

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A awesome mod that helps with the annoying Invalid Session error is ReAuth. Its being included in 1.10 mod packs but it is also available for 1.7.10 minecraft versions. Since this is a client side mod you are free to add it to your minecraft without getting into issues with the server. This mod will give you the option to ReAuth your sessions so you don't have to restart your minecraft client. How awesome is that!

When you download this mod, make sure you download the correct version and add it to the right Twitch modpack profile. To find the folder on your computer, simply right click on the profile in Twitch and select "Open Folder". Put the downloaded mod in the mods folder. The first time you start you will get a notice error that you have tempered with the pack, which is not a big deal and just continue and enjoy.

Disclaimer: Read the curse page from this mod to get to know more about the security of your minecraft account.

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