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NEW FTB Beyond Server Announcement

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Dear Oxide Network Community,

Oxide Network is proud to bring you our newest modded Minecraft server: FTB Beyond for Minecraft 1.10!  The server is running the default settings just as the FTB team intended, and is enriched with server plugins to provide you with the best experience.

After extensively testing the Direwolf20 modpack, we decided that DW20 did not provide the best gameplay experience for our community.  Our goal is to give you the opportunity to experiment with a lot of mod combinations, and provide you with a robust, enduring Minecraft experience.  To that end, we believe that the FTB Beyond modpack is better suited to our community’s wants and needs.  To quote the FTB Team:


FTB Beyond is the latest iteration of our kitchen sink packs, being the minecraft 1.10 upgrade to FTB Infinity. But it's no ordinary kitchen sink pack, we've tweaked and customized it into the classic FTB experience you know and love.

Click here for more information on how to download FTB Beyond and connect to our server.  Feel free to join our Discord Server if you have any questions or need help getting started.

-- Oxide Network Management Team

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