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After a long time and hard work reaching Kepler 22b I made the decision to settle there. It has very nice biomes, very colorful. I always wanted to make a new base with wood. Normally I fall back to the normal standard factory builds. So this time I wanted more of a challenge and decided to go for a Japanese kinda style. So far it works very well. It has the paper walls, dark oak logs, spruce wood planks. Highlighted with brass and gold and some oak wood now and then. For the base/foundation I use black essence brick. Advantage of the essence block (from Magical Crops mod) is that it emits light, this way lighting up the exterior is easier and almost no other light source is needed. To prevent mob spawn I of course use the magnum torches. Currently there is one main building. The building has a second floor but separated in a east and west floor.

Still alot more to add and build. Stay tuned! Enjoy the pictures

Building designv7CE150.png

Applied Energistics ME controller (visible part)


Entrance Ornaments


Capacitator bank


Green House




Osmium Crystal Creation


Fluid Autocrafting (Ender Pearl, Redstone, Glowstone, Lava, Water)


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Added more pictures

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Mekanism HDPE pallet production


Greenhouse storage building. Harvesters are controlled by the sum of the drawer filled level. When it's full all harvesters stop working until something is taken out of the drawers again.




Pastebin program for the computers.


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