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Would you like to go Kappa

Would you like to go Kappa?!  

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  1. 1. Would you be interrested in playing on a Kappa server?

    • Yes! I finished Titan mode and I need a new challange
    • Yes! I'm not done yet but I'm very interested in going Kappa
    • Maybe.But willing to switch if needed.
    • Are you crazy? I'm having a blast on Titan mode!
    • Never! Thats to much for me.
  2. 2. What kind of map?

    • Skylands (a overworld like the aether style floating island)
    • Skyblock (like the current server, begin small and expand)

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Hi there gentle people!

While we are having a blast (mostly thanks to John Cena) on the Project Ozone 2 Titan mode server, TheCazadorSniper (maker of the mod pack) has finished Kappa mode! Isn't that awesome!? For the people that don't know what Kappa mode is. Well it is Titan mode in extreme.

Oxide Network is always looking for awesome games where people can have fun and meet new people. The big question is, would you be interested in playing? And if so what kind of map would you be interested in. There are two options. Skyblock like what we have now on the Titan server. Or a Skylands server with a Aether style floating island world. 

Let us know what you think! Fill in the poll or contact us on the forums or on Discord if you have questions.

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This would be awesome... Especially that I would be on the same level as everyone else and not so far behind.. (insert sad face) For the world time probably the Skyblock again

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I'd go kappa perfectly fine, if we used the Skylands template. Most of my deaths have been by void. (I'd also like to have the 30 starting lives too xD)

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