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Quick Start FYI's'and WTF's

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Hello there!

First of all if you are new to the server: Welcome! Good to have you here. There are a few things that are very handy to know about Project Ozone 2 and the Oxide Network server.  First of all read the  /rules. Do the basics to get a island like register on this website. Make sure you put in your minecraft name while registering. Re-log on the server and read the sign on how to create a island.

If you forgot to put in your minecraft name, click on your name in the top right corner of the website, go to profile. Click on edit profile, scroll down a bit and under Contact Methods - Minecraft put in your Minecraft name. Re-log again on the server and you should see you are a member in chat now. 99% of not being able to create a island is this problem.

You got a island? Good, now the fun part starts. Here are some FYI's and WTF's. 


F7 is your friend. You don't want to see any yellow or red x's. This means there is not enough light and mobs can spawn on those spots (yes they can also spawn on furnaces for example). In this mod pack there is a mod called Epic Seige Mobs. This makes any mob lethal. Especially during a blood moon.

Slime island

Everybody gets one. But since its all dark up there every night (blood moons are even more fun) mobs will spawn there. And since skeletons can shoot from very far a good thing to build is a roof above your head. That's something new to do in skyblock, right?


Like skeleton's can shoot your ass from 60 ish blocks away. Did you notice that slime island (everybody gets one)? They can shoot you from there.


Creepers (aka Building Inspector Bob) are your worst enemy even greater then before. They run, explode instantly. And they can spawn on top of other mobs. Even passive mobs if you are very unlucky. They can also spawn on a spirit after killing a mob. And yes a creeper on a creeper is very common. Most extreme thing I have seen is a Charged Creeper on a Charged Creeper on a Charged Creeper. Somebody said "this is a creeper server", but no its the mod pack. Other servers maybe changed it, that is basically baby titan mode. Do you got what it takes? The worst creeper ever is John Cena. If you hit a creeper and you hear "His name is John Cena", well I hope you killed it with that first hit. If you not, you are dead.


Ah those mindless slow walking dumb mobs. Well thanks to Epic Siege Mobs they aren't dumb anymore. They have some Aces in their sleeves. If they see you, they can pillar up to you with cobblestone. Or build bridges. When they fall in fluid they get the boat out and sail to you. 


You got to love this mob. They are always in your face like: Look at me! Sometimes people scream: "What is this enderman doing on my island, I don't have any x's when I check with F7". Remember the slime island? Yup they spawn there and can teleport to your island. 

So... now what?

Just never ever let a bad mob see you. If they don't see you then they wont do anything... to you at least. That said, if a mob hits another mob like, well a skeleton hits a creeper. The creeper will blow up angry. And if that creeper hits another creeper. Well you get the idea. Things can go bad very quickly. This will also be the reason that your slime island will get ravaged after a couple of nights. Building a mob farm is a tricky thing to do. There are some designs that work very well, but a standard manual skyblock mob farm is not a option. Basically don't let them see you, and you never touch them. Leveling your tools is not done with killing mobs. Forget what other skyblocks pack tells you, but PO2 is not like other skyblock packs.

What else?

Ok, ok, mobs = bad. What else? Chance cube's. I don't know why they put this stupid annoying mod in, but it's in. Rule of thumb: NEVER EVER OPEN A CHANCE CUBE IN YOUR BASE. There are more bad things in them then good things. Withers, blazes, TNT, obsidian coffins, mazes, lava. Its bad bad bad. The Giant Chance Cubes are even worse for your base. If you ignore this advice, shame on you when you loose everything because of a chance cube. Don't even think about doing it further away from your base. Do them in a different dimension so you can run and hide when things go bad, and your base isn't blown up or burned down. I cant stress this enough. 

This pack sucks!

If you can't handle these things, you suck. Alright that is not nice to say. Let's rephrase that: If you can't handle these things, you need to learn it. It is a fun skyblock pack. Yes titan mode so its harder and things take longer. But that also means longer the fun.


If you don't want to know these spoilers then don't read them. Select the text to make them visible.


If you don't want creepers, skeleton, zombie or wither skeleton to get triggered by you, create Nian Zhu's.

A mob farm with Fans on the sides, blowing the mobs into a hole with spike under it works the best. Use a item collector to get the items, or a vacuum hopper to get also the xp.

To prevent mob spawns create a magnum torch in the QED.  It prevents mobs from spawning in a sphere-like area with a horizontal radius of 64 and a vertical radius of 32 blocks. This thing will not stop cursed earth from working.


Most of all enjoy the pack and lets have fun on the server. Feel free to ask any questions in chat. 

Do you have other tips? Post them here so others can read them. Be careful with spoilers. Make the text white so people can choose if they want to know them or not.

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Tip: To get Magical Crops as quick as possible, set up your mob grinder and start composting rotten flesh into dirt. Then sieve dirt until you get GRASS SEEDS. Take these grass seeds and your other dirt and make a well-lit platform. Start grass growing on it. Once it's all done, bonemeal until you get the dyes to get about 64 floral fertilizer (two stacks of dandelions, and two stacks of poppies for you math noobs, as well as 64 bonemeal.) Then use the floral fertilizer until you get one magical flower of every type. Then you take those flowers, craft them into petals, then plant the petals on the grass. Bonemeal the petals, then use shears to harvest the big flowers. Craft the big flowers into petals. Repeat until you have too many petals to know what to do with them. Then make a petal apothecary. From there, your Lexica Botania and NEI will guide you.


also, black and blacker lotuses can be dropped in a mana pool to create mana; you'll get them from your mob farm.

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Mob grinder tips: You see that slime island? Don't blow it up. Leave it; instead erect small walls around your base. (Makes expansion a pain, but it keeps you safe from falls and falling mobs.) Wait for an enderman to teleport down. Kill said enderman with your favorite weapon. If it drops Ender Pearls, you're good. Feel free to blow up that slime island. Use that Ender Pearl (And your favorite friend, the Cobblegen) to make 1 obsidian and one Ender Eye. (Tip: Blaze powder comes from sieving dust. You make obsidian by putting lava in a stone barrel and putting water above it.)

Use those and a hopper to make a vacuum hopper. 

Make an iron spike. Then make a small room with a slab on the top block where the vacuum hopper is going. In the floor in front of the vacuum hopper (on the other side of that wall), put your iron spike. Then use conveyors from Extra Utilities as the rest of the floor, forcing any spawned mobs to go on the spike and die.

Boom. You have a relatively issue free mob grinder.

(you'll want to use the conveyors; while less expensive, fans will knock you off your island and make mobility a pain.)


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