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Hello all, 

When you are in game there is this wonderful chat option that allows you to speak with each other. The minecraft chat gets automatically relayed to the other servers on the OxideNetwork. That we cross server communication is possible, yay! You can recognize it when you look at the name. ON|TPPI2 is the TPPI2 server chat and the ON|Ozone_2 is the Project Ozone 2 server chat. This happens through a IRC channel. Google IRC for more information. Basically its a chat channel. The awesome thing is that you can join in that channel when you are not even on the server! That is very handy when for example the server is down and you want to ask a question. Or maybe you just like to hang out and chat with the people who are playing. There are a number of IRC chat clients available on the internet. Most of them are free, you can find them with google. How to connect? Very easy. The OxideNetwork channel is hosted on the EsperNet IRC Network. You can also use the webclient on their website. If you use a client use the following information. Host: irc.esper.net Port: :6667. And join channel #OxideNetwork. Using your minecraft name makes it easier to recognize each other. Feel free to join in!

For voice communication you can use Teamspeak. You can connect to it by using oxidenetwork.com as the Server Address in the TeamSpeak client. 


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This method still works, but since we moved to Discord the IRC method is depreciated. There is no communication between irc and discord.


see this post for more information about joining the discord server: 


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