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This is.... I don't have the words for it

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I just got a amazing gift from a reward bag. But I need your help with it. Don't want to screw this up.

What should I put on it as upgrades? Any Idea's?

O man this is unbelieveable. And I love crossbows!




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Uhh, nice bow,

What to put on it?

Draw speed is at max, arrow speed is insane, you don't need moss due to the infinite durability, the hitpoints are better than any swords I know about. I have no idea what 'Cosmic' means.

The bolts are better than the best possible in tppi2 even without the quartz upgrades (that is an option there to make it more insane).

You can add necro bones for and flames to the bolts or to the bow (necro only, fixme).

TBH, you don't have to add anything, just let it level up and see what you get.



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