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Current Donation Goals

Server Fees

Running high quality servers is expensive. Help us stay around longer and improve our services even more. 

Donations to this server fund will be aggregated and once a certain amount is reached we will poll the community to determine which perk to unlock for everyone for the next thirty (30) days.  After those 30 days, the perk will be removed until the donation goal can be met again.  The goal progress will be reported on the right side of the Home page of OxideNetwork.com.  The current goal will be $125.

Perks will be reasonable to maintain balanced gameplay. For example:  One perk may be /back on open world servers. On questing servers the perk may be daily access to a loot bag or chance cube. We want to choose a goal that the majority of the community would like. :5_smiley:

*Note* Any excess of the donation goal each 30 days will be applied toward the next periods's donation goal. 

Raised $65.00 of $125.00 target

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