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    • sahaka

      Moving to Discord   11/13/2016

      We are currently in the process of switching from Team Speak to Discord. We have the basics set up and you can join our server right now! Head to oxd.io/discord to join.
  • Welcome to Oxide Network!

    Right now we have a Discord server, a TPPI 2 server, and a Project Ozone 2 server.

    TPPI 2: tppi2.oxidenetwork.com
    Version:  0.2.6

    Project Ozone 2: ozone2.oxidenetwork.com
    Version:  2.18 (Beta)

    Discord: oxd.io/discord


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    Updates for Oxide Network

    We are excited to announce our new server for Project Ozone! Project Ozone is a skyblock modpack through Curse that allows players to progress through quests alone or with their friends. Just search Project Ozone on the Curse Voice Launcher and join our server at oxide.ozonenetwork.com to join the experience.  For more information see this forum post.

    Additionally, we are announcing our new line of Oxide Network T-Shirts! These high quality shirts feature an impressive lion design and very fine, soft cotton feel.  They are now available for purchase in our store:  

    We look forward to hearing the community's feedback about both of these releases.  Stay tuned for more T-Shirts in the near future.
    -- Oxide Network Management Team
    We are proud to announce our new ARK: Survival Evolved PvPvE server is now open to the public! Gather rates are at 4X for the most enjoyable survival experience. Come join our growing community of players and staff members:
    Server IP:
    You can also connect by searching oxide network in the server browser.
    Want to upvote or leave feedback?  
    We now have a public group for all to join!  Show your support for Oxide Network while enjoying games with your friends.  Steam groups allow you to chat with and see other people in the group playing games.  This is a great way for our community to interact on games other than Minecraft, and provides a valuable way for the Oxide Network management to see what games we should host servers for in the future.  
    Don't forget, joining is free and takes only a single click!  Join us today at http://steamcommunity.com/groups/OxideNetwork.
    --Oxide Network Management
    Oxide Network Community,
    Due to some community demand for the /back command, the Oxide Network team has decided to implement a donation goal system.  Donations to this server fund will be aggregated and once a certain amount is reached we will unlock /back for everyone for the next thirty (30) days.  After those 30 days, the /back command will be removed until the donation goal can be met again.  The goal progress will be reported on the right side of the Home page of OxideNetwork.com.  The current goal will be $125.
    *Note* Any excess of the donation goal each 30 days will be applied toward the next periods's donation goal.
    Comments should be strictly related to questions about the donation system.
    Oxide Network Team

    By sahaka, in TPPI 2,

    We are proud to announce that our TPPI 2 server is now open for new players to join! We haven’t banned anything and believe strongly that a good modpack shouldn’t need protection plugins (since they never play well with modded MC anyway). We have added some core plugins to enhance gameplay with others like Essentials.
    Server IP: tppi2.oxidenetwork.com
    How to get the pack and connect
    Trailer Video:
    If you are a fan of Oxide Network and are short on cash (student or anything else) you can still support us without donating or becoming a contributor in the store.  One of the best ways you can help us is by using our Amazon Link anytime you shop. 

    United States | United Kingdom | Germany | France | Spain | More coming soon!
    Amazon.com has an amazing affiliate program. If you shop there, please change your Amazon bookmark to our affiliate link (just use the links above). Anything you buy in the next hour after navigating to the site with that affiliate code will give Oxide Network a commission that ranges from 4% to 8% or even more!

    By sahaka, in ARK,

    Our ARK server is now open. The current configuration gives 2x Experience and structures decay at half their speed. The server is PVP and should be up 24/7.
    If you have Steam open you can click this link: steam://connect/oxidenetwork.com:27016
    If not you can connect from console using the IP and port directly.
    IP: oxidenetwork.com
    Port: 27016
    *Placeholder for trailer*