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    Happy Winter Sale!!

    By LJack2k, in Community Updates,

    Hey Everyone,
    Oxide Network would like to thank you all for playing on our servers and being part of our community. It's great to see a large number of new players joining us. As a thank you for supporting us, we have a gift for you. This month and next month you can get 50% discount on everything in our store.
    While checking out, use discount code: WINTER18
    The code can only be used once. For rank purchases, the discount will be for the first month only.

    Hi all,

    It's been a few weeks since we have had the All the Mods 3 Minecraft server available for gold members as early-access.
    We're happy to announce that we have finished the majority of the work and are ready to release the server for everyone to join!
    If you happen to find any errors or problems on the server, please create a ticket at: https://oxidenetwork.com/support/.

    To join this server, open the Twitch Launcher (formerly Curse Launcher), and search for the "All the mods 3" modpack.
    The server URL is: atm3.oxidenetwork.com

    Don't forget to open the Twitch Launcher settings, and allocate at least 4GB of memory for minecraft.
    Additionally, when Minecraft has loaded, make sure to set the FPS limit to 60, due to certain issues that may arise at faster framerates. This is unfortunately not something we can fix.

    Having timeout issues upon connecting? Read this guide: 

    We hope to see you soon! Enjoy!

    Hey Everyone,

    As we approach the end of 2017 we would like to thank you for playing on our servers, participating in our community, and making Oxide Network what it is today. We couldn't have done it without you.

    Because December is a festive month, we provide you with this code to get a 50% discount (on everything!) in our store: WINTER17
    (For rank purchases, the discount will be for the first month only)

    But that's not all! We created a special Minecraft Winter Holiday server!

    Enjoy the cozy little town, throw snowballs at each other and collect cookies that are spread throughout the town and trade them in for your own pet who follows you around and will drive you insane with their sounds! (use "/cm menu" to open up the menu)

    Join the server at: winter.oxidenetwork.com with a vanilla 1.12.2 client, make sure you either accept the resource pack upon joining, or downloading it via this url (click here) and adding it manually (we recommend adding it yourself, this prevents your client from freezing upon joining/leaving the server every time).

    Remember, both the discount code as well as the server will only be available throughout December, so enjoy them while they last!

    From all of us at Oxide Network: Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

    Hey everyone!

    We're glad to announce that we are working on a new server for the modpack "All the Mods 3"!
    This is a great, and very diverse modpack where players will be able to play around with various mods in a well-balanced and slightly challenging open world, enough to last for a very long time!

    Currently we're still working on the finishing touches, as such, the server is currently only available as early-access for our gold members and we hope to finish up in about a week or 2, after which the server will become available for everyone!

    Not a Gold Member yet? Head to our store (click here)!

    The modpack can be installed on the Curse / Twitch launcher (we recommend to allocate a minimum of 4GB of memory) or via the modpack page.

    URL of the server: atm3.oxidenetwork.com
    We hope to see you soon!

    Today, Oxide Network has reached its first milestone. Despite releasing our Titan mode Project Ozone 2 server on June 25th, we have already reached 20 concurrent, online players. We are very happy to see how our community has grown and works together while having a great time. That is very important to us because it is our mission to provide reliable, quality servers with a strong, involved community. Thank you for making the server a success and we hope you continue playing on Oxide Network.
    If you are enjoying the server, you can support us by making a donation, becoming a contributor, or using our Amazon Store. See the Support Us page for more information. By supporting us, we can keep the server running and also expand into other servers and games for you to enjoy as well!

    Dear Valued Oxide Network Community,
    Thank you for being incredibly patient during our recent downtime.  Our network experienced some expected downtime due to unforeseen issues.  In order to prevent any potential future problems, we used this opportunity to make critical infrastructure upgrades to our network.  As always, we appreciate your support and look forward to being able to serve you better going forward. 
    During the course of upgrading our infrastructure, we discovered issues with a mission critical piece of infrastructure unrelated to the initial downtime.  In order to provide the best user experience going forward, we worked with the developers to remedy the situation for our community while improving the infrastructure overall. 
    We thank you wholeheartedly for your incredible patient during these issues.  Please do not hesitate to let a member of the Oxide Network staff know if you have any questions or concerns.
    The Oxide Network Management Team

    In the last couple of weeks / months we have noticed the playercount on our TPPI2 server drop (over time) to 0 with only 1 or 2 players joining it, often not for much longer then a few hours.
    Because of this we have decided to replace the TPPI2 server.
    With that said, we are happy to announce that our Beyond server is now live!
    Thank you for playing on Oxide Network and we hope to see you on our new server!

    We are excited to announce our new server for Project Ozone! Project Ozone is a skyblock modpack through Curse that allows players to progress through quests alone or with their friends. Just search Project Ozone on the Curse Voice Launcher and join our server at ozone.oxidenetwork.com to join the experience.  For more information see this forum post.

    Additionally, we are announcing our new line of Oxide Network T-Shirts! These high quality shirts feature an impressive lion design and very fine, soft cotton feel.  They are now available for purchase in our store:  
    We look forward to hearing the community's feedback about both of these releases.  Stay tuned for more T-Shirts in the near future.
    -- Oxide Network Management Team

    We are proud to announce our new ARK: Survival Evolved PvPvE server is now open to the public! Gather rates are at 4X for the most enjoyable survival experience. Come join our growing community of players and staff members:
    Server IP:
    You can also connect by searching oxide network in the server browser.
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